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The House of Saint Pio

in Brasília


“Pray, hope, and don’t worry. Worry is useless. God is merciful and will hear your prayer.”

23 years ago, while the canonization process of Father Pio was still on going, an area was destinated in Brasília for the construction of a church to the then-blessed, the first in the world in honor of the Italian saint.


In the year 2000, the then Cardinal of Brasília, Dom José Freire Falcão (1925-2021), a great devotee of Saint Pio, received a great miracle from him. Dom Falcão recounted that, being hospitalized for a serious and unknown illness that caused him a generalized he hemorrhage, he asked the then-blessed Father Pio to intercede for him.


"On the morning of the second day of his hospitalization, a nursing assistant, upon entering the room, exclaimed aloud, spontaneously, 'What a pleasant fragrance you have here!' Neither I nor the nun and the lady who were there felt it. They simply said that they were not wearing perfumes. For me, it was an unequivocal sign that Padre Pio had heard my request and was with me. As a gesture of gratitude, even though he was still blessed and could only be honored as a patron in the churches of his Religious Order, the Congregation for Divine Worship authorized me to make him the patron of a parish to be created in Brasília, in a privileged region - the Southwest. I believe it was the first parish in the world erected in honor of Father Pio"


The parish in honor of the saint was established on March 8, 2001, while his canonization by Pope Saint John Paul II took place on June 16, 2002.


After a long wait, the moment has finally arrived to build the definitive House of Saint Pio of Pietrelcina in Brasília.


Be a benefactor and collaborator in this work and help us expand the charisma and actions of Saint Pio.

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"Those who have time should not wait any longer. Let us not postpone until tomorrow what we can do today."

For over 20 years the parish community has waited for the regularization of the area destinated to the new temple, which happened in September 2022. Before the material construction, the living stones of the temple were polished, as spiritual children of Saint Pio of Pietrelcina. The original temple, located close to the current building, could no longer accommodate the number of faithful who, as a result of the pandemic, started attending Masses in temporary tents, awaiting the construction of the new temple on the appropriate land.

The new parish of Saint Pio of Pietrelcina, in Brasília, features an architectural project that is simultaneously modern, appropriate to the city's urban planning guidelines, but also respecting the traditional sense of Sacred Architecture. "Recognizing Saint Pio's special predilection for Dom Falcão and our community, we wanted his house in Brasilia to carry the features of his original home in San Giovanni Rotondo (IT), even with the great sculpture of Saint Pio that will embrace pilgrim devotees. Our parish has a vocation of sanctuary, but it is the pilgrims, devotees of Saint Pio, who will confirm these signs", says the current parish priest, Father Fernando Sousa.

In addition to a large temple with a normal seating capacity of 1,100 people, the parish complex will also feature a grand and beautiful cloister that combines catechetical and celebratory rooms, a 400m auditorium, a secretary's office, a souvenir center, a cafeteria, an event area, and much more. All of this without losing the necessary parking area, mostly underground.


A grandiose work like this requires financial support from the entire community, as well as from the devotees and children of Saint Pio. Donations can be made directly on the website or at the parish office. They can be recurring, with debits from a checking account or credit card. Just fill out the form and indicate the amount to be debited monthly.


“Beneficence, from wherever it may come, is always the child of the same mother, that is Providence.”


One of the signs that confirms Father Pio's preference for our parish is the large presence of medical and healthcare professionals among our parishioners. This human richness allowed us to start an important social project of medical care, called House Saint Father Pio. For one week per month, doctors from various specialties make themselves available, attending to people from needy communities in Brasília. The project is named after the Hospital of Relief of the Suffering, founded by Saint Pio in San Giovanni Rotondo.

The House Saint Father Pio also includes the Project Saint Raphael, which offers ophthalmological consultations and the donation of glasses to children and elderly people from needy communities assisted by the Vincentian Conferences. It has already served more than 200 people with the help of ophthalmologists, the parish community, and partner opticians. In the future, the House Saint Father Pio will be installed in the current building of the parish, just a few meters from the area of new temple.



EQRSW 1/2, bloco 1, S/N, Sudoeste, Brasília - DF


(61) 99294-7301


Terceira Avenida, lote 1, Sudoeste, Brasília - DF

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